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Starter Muse Catches up with Sam from the Hawkesbury Post

10/1/2024 Starter Muse The Hawkesbury,  Australia StarterMuse had the privilege of chatting with Samantha Magnusson, the Editor and Co-owner of the Hawkesbury Post. In a candid interview, Samantha shared insights into recent events that unfolded, shedding light on a police visit to her home initiated by a complaint from Hawkesbury City Council Mayor, Sarah McMahon. Listen to the Interview Here: Join Starter Muse in this insightful conversation with Samantha Magnusson, […]

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Hawkesbury Post Faced Alleged Harassment from Local Authorities

8/1/24 Starter Muse The Hawkesbury,  Australia In an unbelievable turn of events, the Hawkesbury Post, now under the new leadership of editor and co-owner Samantha Magnusson, found itself in the crosshairs of Hawkesbury City Council Mayor Sarah McMahon. The incident unfolded on the evening of Tuesday, August 22, 2023 Magnusson was greeted by local police following a harassment complaint filed by Mayor McMahon. According to Magnusson, the basis of the […]

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Breaking the Silence: Championing Community Voices on Australia’s Community Radio Airwaves

8/1/2024 StarterMuse Sydney, Australia In the intricate dance that is Australia's media landscape, community radio emerges as a vibrant force, weaving the tales of local communities and giving voice to the often unheard. As the StarterMuse, I find myself in the midst of a battle, not against the essence of community radio, but against the barriers that threaten to mute the voices that deserve to be heard. Australia's community radio […]

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In the media

CADA Faces Identity Crisis Amidst Ambitious Rebranding Efforts

StarterMuse   Sydney, Australia - September 19, 2023   In a surprising turn of events, CADA, formerly known as The Edge, has found itself embroiled in an identity crisis following its ambitious rebranding efforts earlier this year. Once a Western Sydney broadcaster with a steadfast commitment to hip hop and R&B, the station's recent transformation into a national multi-platform brand has left both listeners and industry experts scratching their heads. […]

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The Younger Generations Varied Perspectives on 2GB’s Ray Hadley’s Influence

Starter Muse August 29, 2023 Sydney, Australia - Ray Hadley, the venerable voice of Australian talk radio, has long been a household name. Yet, among younger generations, opinions about the media veteran are as diverse as the topics he tackles on air. While some find resonance in his commentary, others feel a growing disconnect. At 68, Hadley recently celebrated his 150th consecutive radio survey win, a testament to his enduring […]

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Music News

Perth local rapper MTRO drops “The MTRO show”

Introducing MTRO,  a local Rap artist from Perth Western Australia who has been teaching Hip Hop music for a decade at Banksia Hill Detention Centre. MTRO has taught young detainees how to create instrumentals, write lyrics and record music in this maximum security setting. Most importantly he has taught the most under privileged of society how to read and write through their passion of Rap music. Honing his skills for […]

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Acknowledgement of country

Starter FM would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we live and work today, and pay our respects to their Elders past and present. We extend that respect to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander listeners and community

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