Hawkesbury Post Faced Alleged Harassment from Local Authorities

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The Hawkesbury,  Australia

In an unbelievable turn of events, the Hawkesbury Post, now under the new leadership of editor and co-owner Samantha Magnusson, found itself in the crosshairs of Hawkesbury City Council Mayor Sarah McMahon. The incident unfolded on the evening of Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Magnusson was greeted by local police following a harassment complaint filed by Mayor McMahon.

According to Magnusson, the basis of the complaint revolved around two letters sent by the Hawkesbury Post’s lawyers.

The first was addressed to McMahon’s domestic partner, local real estate agent, Matthew Bennett, who is also a Liberal Party member and previously alleged to have a hand in local property development after they demanded the removal of a fake Facebook page containing defamatory material about Magnusson, her business partner Gendy Parry-Okden, and the Hawkesbury Post.

The second letter sent just 48 hours before the police visit, was directed to members of the NSW Liberal Party State Executive Branch.

Its purpose was to alert them to McMahon and Bennett’s alleged defamatory campaign, utilizing fake Facebook sites and McMahon’s ratepayer-owned platform against the publication and its owners.

Magnusson, expressing her disbelief, remarked that within 48 hours of filing a formal complaint with the Liberal Party against the alleged campaign of intimidation, defamation, and harassment orchestrated by the Mayor, the police were at her doorstep.

Magnusson, compared the situation to a chapter out of a playbook from a regime like Putin’s Russia, highlighting the severity and unusual nature of the circumstances.

The backdrop to this incident includes Magnusson and Parry-Okeden’s recent acquisition of the Hawkesbury Post, an upstart online publication purchased from Tony Bosworth in early 2023.

The move followed the closure of another local newspaper, the Hawkesbury Courier, and dissatisfaction with the lack of coverage from the Hawkesbury Gazette.

Magnusson and Parry-Okeden’s goal was to provide residents with better coverage of local issues and a more critical analysis of how their rates were being spent.

The closure of traditional local media outlets raises questions about the role of independent journalism and the challenges faced when attempting to fill the void left by established publications.

As the Hawkesbury Post continues its investigative reporting, the recent harassment allegations only underscore the potential obstacles faced by media outlets seeking to uncover the truth in the face of powerful local figures.

The incident involving the police visit to Samantha Magnusson’s home at the behest of public figures and politicians sets a dangerous precedent that reverberates beyond the immediate concerns of the Hawkesbury Post.

Sending law enforcement officers to the residence of journalists and media representatives not only intimidates individuals and their families but also poses a significant threat to press freedom and the functioning of a democratic society.

A Word from the MUSE.

When journalists face the prospect of police visits or legal action in response to their work, it creates a chilling effect on investigative reporting.

Journalists may become hesitant to pursue critical stories or ask tough questions, fearing repercussions from those in power.

This self-censorship undermines the essential role of the press as a check on government and other influential entities.

Press freedom is a cornerstone of any democratic society.

When authorities use law enforcement to target journalists, it sends a message that those in power are willing to use the machinery of the state to suppress dissent and control the narrative.

This erosion of press freedom threatens the public’s right to know and hampers the media’s ability to serve as a watchdog.

Involving the police and considering the issuance of Apprehended Personal Violence Orders (APVOs) against journalists can be viewed as a misuse of legal mechanisms.

Such actions should be reserved for cases involving genuine threats to personal safety, not as a tool to stifle criticism or investigative journalism.

Misusing these mechanisms undermines the integrity of the legal system.

Law enforcement resources are finite and should be allocated to address genuine threats to public safety.

Diverting these resources to investigate complaints against journalists can be seen as a misallocation of taxpayer-funded assets.

This diversion can impede the police’s ability to address more pressing issues within the community.

Democracies thrive on open dialogue, transparency, and the free exchange of ideas.

When those in power resort to tactics that suppress dissent, it signals a potential slide away from democratic principles.

A healthy democracy requires a robust and independent media that can hold authorities accountable without fear of retribution.

As communities and individuals, it is vital to recognize the importance of a free and independent press in maintaining a healthy democracy.

The actions taken against the Hawkesbury Post underscore the need for vigilance in protecting press freedom and resisting any attempts to stifle the crucial role journalists play in informing the public and fostering accountability.

Written by: Alex Aliheim

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